Friday, 6 May 2011

9 Tips to Look For a Child Care Centre

What to Look For in a Child Care Centre or Home:

It is important to see a variety of child care centres and homes to understand the differences that exist between the two types of care and from one facility to another. Visit a child care centre or home, and consider the following questions.

  1.  Is the child care centre or home clean and safe?

  2. Do the children appear to be happy and enthusiastic in what they are doing?

3. Do the adults appear to be warm and friendly and responsive to the needs of the children in their care?

4. Is a child day care licence clearly posted?

5. Do they have a plan of activities for the children?

6. What do they do when children misbehave?

7. What experience do the staff or family child care provider have?

8. What educational training have the providers completed?

9. For how many children is one person responsible at any time during the day?

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Research shows that children who are involved in quality early childhood education  benefit in many ways, and that these benefits also extend to their family and the wider community.

Taking part in Early Childhood Education builds a strong foundation for your child’s ongoing education, learning and development. Children learn lots of new skills by participating in Early Childhood Education, building on the skills they learn at home and from their families.

Children must receive attention and affection to develop in a healthy manner.